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Gertie de Jongh Fotografie

Gertie de Jongh

Gertie de Jongh, born in the Hague, The Netherlands, autodidact, started in 1991 with ‘ focused ‘ shooting and developed her passion for photography. She discovered ‘ things that she had never seen before ‘. That is why every day she carries her camera around…

There are several themes that interest her, such as water, nature, rhythm, traces etc. Especially by the wonder to little things, she is constantly inspired. She has a good eye for detail. 

She hopes that people by her photos look with more attention and dedication to the environment, particularly to nature and also discover its beauty that surprised her so much.

In addition she has a talent for spheres, colors etc. which she regularly brings in practice by working as an interior adviser.

Exhibitions Gertie de Jongh
• Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Zoetermeer, Holland
• Reflections – Municipality of Warmond, Holland
• “Oale Grieze” Hellendoorn November 2013 Holland