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Margot de Jong

Margot de Jongh Visual Artist

Margot de Jongh (1952)
Visual Artist

Born in The Hague, Margot has after obtaining the NXX education act, followed 4 years of MO crafts in Rotterdam. Besides her work as a teacher of Art Courses, she spends her time and attention to create and develop forms in different materials. She prefers stone, bronze and other metals. Margot works both figurative and semi – abstract. The shape and material can be an indication.

Her design is generally organic with a touch of mathematics. It’s about what inspires and touches her: from outside to inside and inside to outside. Although Margot grew up in an environment with various expressions of Art, you stil could call her autodidact.

Previously she exhibited in:
• The Ministry of Education and Science Zoetermeer Holland May 2003
• Gallery Prjctateljee SUC7 Rijswijk Holland September 2003
• Van Ede & Partners The Hague Holland May 2004
• Gallery “Kleintje Kunst” Leiden Holland July 2005
• “Oale Grieze” Hellendoorn Holland November 2013
• Art Gallery “Dalaman” The Hague Holland November 2016
• Café L.O.F.T. The Hague Holland December 2019
• “De Kunstbrug”, “The Art-bridge” Oldenzaal Februari/ June 2020
• “Zomersalon” Korte Vijverberg 2 De Haag 20-9/ 12-9 2021